Adam Theory

The essence of Adam's theory is that there is no analytical tool to accurately and accurately predict the trend of the market. Each set of analytical tools has its own defects. The market can not be speculated at all. So the spirit of Adam's theory is to teach investors to give up all subjective analysis tools. It is the essence of Adam's theory to survive in the market and adapt to the market situation. The market is going up, the market is going down and the market is going down. The reason is to rise to the market, and the rise can be raised again. When the market falls, the fall can fall again. No one can predict when the fall will end. Only by taking advantage of the situation can we minimize the risk of loss.

Adam's Theory: ten major commandments

1., we must understand the operation of the market and understand the market potential, otherwise we will never buy or sell.

2. when entering the market, the stop loss price should be set at the time of discounting.

3. stop loss price should be implemented at one go, and it can not be changed arbitrarily.

4., if you read the market wrong, you should not make a mistake again.

5., if you go wrong in the market, you can only stop the loss and not add the average price all the way, otherwise you may lose more.

6. do not mistake the city and refuse to admit defeat. The more wrong you get, the deeper you will be.

7. every analytical tool is not perfect, and there will be opportunities for mistakes.

8. cities buy up, the city falls and falls, and goes along.

9. do not speculate on which price to rise to, or which price will fall to the full.

10., if you look at the wrong city, if you lose 10%, you must cut it off immediately and come back again. Don't lose more than 10%. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to catch up again.